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NASCAR Mulitcultural: Overview


Mission Statement:
• To engage women and people of diverse, ethnic, and racial backgrounds in all facets of the NASCAR industry.

• Engage industry stakeholders in efforts to broaden the audience of the sport
• Increase minority & female on-track participation
• Introduce career opportunities in the motorsports industry
• Outreach to multicultural target markets


NASCAR Diversity engages industry stake holders in efforts to broad the audience of the sport, increases minority and female on track participation, introduces career opportunity in the motorsports industry, and network with multicultural target markets. NDIP diversifies and enriches the fan base and the employee base across the motorsports industry. NDIP fosters the relationships with universities, students and faculty as a means to promote additional opportunities within the industry.

Team Members    
Dawn Harris Sr. Director
Caryn Grant Manager
Jordan Leatherman Sr. Account Executive

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