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Dion-Viens To Pair With Castrol Canada

Two-year Partnership Announced For Pinty's Campaign
Team Release
May 15, 2017 - 12:37pm

LAVAL, Québec – Simon Dion-Viens and the SDV Autosport racing team announce a two-year partnership with Castrol Canada that will see the team compete in at least five-races per year in the highly competitive NASCAR Pinty's Series. 

Dion-Viens will be behind the wheel of a new car, a Dodge Challenger sporting the CastrolCanada colours and the number 25 of the CBRT team at the starting line of the races taking place in eastern Canada over the summer. 

As Dion-Viens explains: "I've been working with Castrol Canada since I started out in auto racing. I've always had an excellent relationship with their team. Their passion for racing makes the company a natural and valuable addition to the existing partnership I have with Bestbuy Auto Pieces, WE Finance and Olivier Kamouraka Chrysler.

"Over the years, I've had the good fortune to win three Québec championships and one Canadian championship thanks to the company's excellent products. I'm a mechanic myself and know that the choice of oil is crucial to obtaining maximal performance and reliability. In 2017, I'm extremely pleased to bring our collaboration to new heights. Alongside their involvement with a number of other Canadian teams, the people at Castrol Canada were looking to achieve greater visibility in Québec and the Maritimes. We therefore came to an agreement that I would act as a brand ambassador both on the track and at promotional events.  

"My sincere thanks go to Castrol Canada and the other companies supporting my racing program. I've been racing for 15 years and have benefitted from the support and confidence of excellent partners." 

Driving the No. 25 Dodge and racing under the banner of CastrolCanada/ Bestbuy Auto Pieces, WE Finance and Olivier Kamouraka Chrysler, Dion-Viens will face some exciting challenges in the upcoming season as he competes in three oval circuit races and two road circuits. 

"We've chosen the Chaudières, ICAR, GP3R, Antigonish and St-Eustache races to improve the visibility of my partners," said Dion-Viens. "I recognize the learning curve I face in the oval circuits but will have the support and excellent materials of the CBRT team to arrive at the track with a winning vehicle. As well, Clément Samson will serve as team leader for a 4th consecutive year, and I'll have a chance to practice at the wheel of a Late Model type car over the coming weeks to gain experience on the oval circuits." 

Dion-Viens' first foray into the NASCAR Pinty’s Series takes place June 17 on the Chaudières circuit near Québec City. 

Until then, you can follow the team and Simon's activities on Facebook/ Instagram @sdvautosport


Simon Dion-Viens will make his debut in the No. 25 at Autodrome Chaudière on June 17. Courtesy SDV Autosport