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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Whelen Modified Tour/K&N Pro Series East History (1990-pr.)

January 15, 2016 - 12:00pm


Quick Facts  
Races: 65
Pole Winners: 27
Youngest Pole Winner: Ryan Preece (9/19/09 – 18 years, 10 months, 25 days)
Oldest Pole Winner: Ted Christopher (6/30/07 – 49 years, 25 days)
Race Winners: 21
Youngest Race Winner: Chuck Hossfeld (9/14/02 – 25 years, 8 months, 11 days)
Oldest Race Winner: Mike Stefanik (7/14/12 – 54 years, 1 month, 24 days)
Races Won from the Pole (or 1st Starting Position): 14
Last Race Won from the Pole (or 1st Starting Position): Doug Coby (9/26/15)
Races Led Wire-to-Wire: 0
Last Race Led Wire-to-Wire: ---
Race Record: Todd Szegedy, 112.987 mph (7/16/11)
Qualifying Record: Mike Ewanitsko, 28.693 seconds, 132.743 mph (7/20/01)


Race Records    
Category Most/Largest (Last Time) Fewest/Smallest (Last Time)
Cars Started: 43 (9/20/92) 26 (9/24/16)
Laps Contested: 150 – Twice (9/20/92) 23 (8/21/94)
Lead Changes:* 35 (7/12/14) 2 (6/28/98)
Leaders: 10 – Twice (7/7/00) 2 – Six Times (7/14/12)
Cautions:* 11 (9/19/09) 1 – Four Times (7/16/16)
Caution Laps:* 55 (4/9/95) 3 (7/8/95)
Lead Lap Finishers: 27 – Three Times (6/30/07) 7 (5/2/93)
Running at Finish: 34 – Three Times (7/20/01) 17 (4/14/91)
Laps Led (Winner): 123 – Mike Stefanik (7/28/98) 1 – Three Times (C.Hossfeld, 6/28/08)
Laps Led (Non-Winner): 121 – Jeff Fuller (8/25/91) ---
Margin of Victory:*^ 2.691 – Ted Christopher (9/17/04) 0.001 – Chuck Hossfeld (6/28/08)


Pole Winners   Race Winners   Manufacturer Wins  
Driver Poles Driver Wins Make Wins
Jan Leaty 6 Mike Stefanik 8 Chevrolet 42
Ted Christopher 5 Tony Hirschman 7 Pontiac 12
Ryan Newman 5 Reggie Ruggiero 6 Dodge 8
Mike Ewanitsko 4 Ted Christopher 5 Ford 3
Ron Silk 4 John Blewett III 4    
Doug Coby 3 Doug Coby 4    
Tim Connolly 3 Steve Park 4    
Steve Park 3 Todd Szegedy 4    
Jeff Fuller 2 Mike Ewanitsko 3    
Tony Hirschman 2 Jeff Fuller 3    
Mike Stefanik 2 Chuck Hossfeld 3    
Dave Berghman 1 Jan Leaty 2    
Jimmy Blewett 1 Donny Lia 2    
Tom Bolles 1 Ryan Newman 2    
Ed Flemke Jr. 1 Ron Silk 2    
Rick Fuller 1 Justin Bonsignore 1    
Nevin George 1 Tim Connolly 1    
George Kent 1 Doug Heveron 1    
Donny Lia 1 Mike McLaughlin 1    
Charlie Pasteryak 1 Woody Pitkat 1    
Ryan Preece 1 Bobby Santos 1    
Reggie Ruggiero 1        
Bobby Santos 1        
Zach Sylvester 1        
Todd Szegedy 1        
Ken Woolley Jr. 1        
Field set by rulebook 10        
Vacated by penalty 1              


Race History          
Date First Second Third Fourth Fifth
9/2/1990 Mike McLaughlin Mike Stefanik Jamie Tomaino Jeff Fuller Satch Worley
4/14/1991 Mike Stefanik Rick Fuller Mike McLaughlin Doug Heveron Reggie Ruggiero
8/25/1991 Doug Heveron Jeff Fuller Jan Leaty Tom Baldwin Rick Fuller
5/3/1992 Jeff Fuller Jan Leaty Reggie Ruggiero Doug Heveron Mike Stefanik
7/11/1992 Reggie Ruggiero Jeff Fuller Steve Park Tom Bolles Rick Fuller
9/20/1992 Reggie Ruggiero Steve Park Tom Baldwin Rick Fuller Tom Bolles
5/2/1993 Reggie Ruggiero Mike Stefanik Doug Heveron Tim Arre Bob Park
7/10/1993 Reggie Ruggiero Doug Heveron Rick Fuller Ed Flemke Jr. Mike McLaughlin
7/9/1994 Jeff Fuller Rick Fuller Charlie Pasteryak Reggie Ruggiero Steve Park
4/17/1994 Reggie Ruggiero Rick Fuller Jan Leaty Steve Park Mike Ewanitsko
8/21/1994 Steve Park Reggie Ruggiero Ed Flemke Jr. Ted Christopher Rick Fuller
9/25/1994 Jeff Fuller Reggie Ruggiero Steve Park Wayne Anderson Bruce D’Allessandro
4/9/1995 Mike Ewanitsko Satch Worley Tony Hirschman Ed Kennedy Jan Leaty
7/8/1995 Steve Park Tony Hirschman Tim Connolly Jan Leaty Rick Fuller
8/20/1995 Mike Stefanik Tony Hirschman Charlie Pasteryak Rick Fuller Mike Ewanitsko
9/24/1995 Steve Park Jan Leaty Ed Kennedy Tommy Cravenho Mike Ewanitsko
6/2/1996 Tony Hirschman Reggie Ruggiero Steve Park Chris Aman Jerry Marquis
8/18/1996 Tony Hirschman Jan Leaty Rick Fuller Steve Park Jerry Marquis
9/7/1996 Steve Park Tony Hirschman Tim Connolly Charlie Pasteryak Mike Stefanik
9/8/1996 Tony Hirschman Mike Stefanik Tim Connolly Dan Avery Tom Baldwin
5/31/1997 Mike Stefanik Reggie Ruggiero Jan Leaty Tim Connolly Ted Christopher
7/12/1997 Tim Connolly Rick Fuller Tommy Cravenho Jan Leaty Tony Hirschman
8/17/1997 Jan Leaty Mike Ewanitsko Tony Ferrante Jr. Chris Kopec Jack Bateman
9/13/1997 Reggie Ruggiero Ed Kennedy Mike Stefanik Dan Avery Charlie Pasteryak
6/28/1998 Mike Stefanik Reggie Ruggiero Jan Leaty Tony Hirschman John Blewett III
7/11/1998 Mike Stefanik Jan Leaty Reggie Ruggiero Mike Ewanitsko Ed Kennedy
8/2/1998 Mike Stefanik Reggie Ruggiero Chris Kopec Charlie Pasteryak Ted Christopher
8/29/1998 Mike Ewanitsko Chris Kopec Tony Hirschman Rick Fuller Charlie Pasteryak
7/10/1999 Tony Hirschman Jan Leaty Rick Fuller Ted Christopher Reggie Ruggiero
8/1/1999 Tony Hirschman Ted Christopher Mike Ewanitsko Chris Kopec Jan Leaty
9/18/1999 Tony Hirschman Mike Ewanitsko Ted Christopher Reggie Ruggiero Jan Leaty
7/7/2000 John Blewett III Mike Christopher Tim Connolly Reggie Ruggiero Tommy Cravenho
9/16/2000 Mike Ewanitsko Reggie Ruggiero John Blewett III Rick Fuller Dan Avery
7/20/2001 Tony Hirschman Mike Stefanik Rob Summers Dan Avery Chris Kopec
7/20/2002 Jan Leaty Todd Szegedy Nevin George John Blewett III Jerry Marquis
9/14/2002 Chuck Hossfeld Mike Stefanik John Blewett III Ted Christopher Tony Hirschman
7/18/2003 Chuck Hossfeld Todd Szegedy John Blewett III Jerry Marquis Mike Stefanik
9/12/2003 John Blewett III Ted Christopher Ken Woolley Jr. Mike Stefanik Chuck Hossfeld
7/24/2004 Ted Christopher Mike Christopher Mike Stefanik Tony Hirschman Donny Lia
9/20/2004 Ted Christopher Todd Szegedy Tony Hirschman Donny Lia Ed Flemke Jr.
7/15/2005 Ted Christopher Tony Hirschman Eric Beers Doug Coby Steve Whitt
9/16/2005 Ted Christopher Mike Stefanik Chuck Hossfeld Mike Ewanitsko Ed Flemke Jr.
7/15/2006 John Blewett III James Civali Reggie Ruggerio Ed Flemke Jr. Mike Stefanik
9/15/2006 John Blewett III Jerry Marquis James Civali Mike Stefanik Todd Szegedy
6/30/2007 Donny Lia Ted Christopher Ed Flemke Jr. Matt Hirschman Todd Szegedy
9/15/2007 Todd Szegedy Ron Silk Donny Lia Bobby Santos Jimmy Blewett
6/28/2008 Chuck Hossfeld Ted Christopher Ed Flemke Jr. Eric Beers Reggie Ruggiero
9/13/2008 Ted Christopher Jimmy Blewett Ryan Preece Rob Summers Danny Sammons
6/27/2009 Donny Lia Ed Flemke Jr. Ron Silk Rowan Pennink Ted Christopher
9/19/2009 Ron Silk Donny Lia Ryan Preece Reggie Ruggiero Mike Stefanik
6/26/2010 Ryan Newman Ted Christopher Ryan Preece Bobby Santos Ron Silk
9/18/2010 Ryan Newman Jimmy Blewett Mike Stefanik Doug Coby Ron Silk
7/16/2011 Todd Szegedy Ron Silk Matt Hirschman Doug Coby Rowan Pennink
8/13/2011 Mike Stefanik Woody Pitkat Todd Szegedy Justin Bonsignore Eric Beers
9/24/2011 Ron Silk Todd Szegedy Justin Bonsignore Ted Christopher Eric Beers
7/14/2012 Mike Stefanik Ron Silk Doug Coby Eric Beers Todd Szegedy
9/22/2012 Doug Coby Donny Lia Ron Silk Ryan Newman Rowan Pennink
7/13/2013 Doug Coby Ted Christopher Ryan Preece Andy Seuss Ryan Newman
9/21/2013 Todd Szegedy Ryan Newman Donny Lia Bobby Santos Patrick Emerling
7/12/2014 Bobby Santos Doug Coby Ted Christopher Ryan Newman Ryan Preece
9/20/2014 Woody Pitkat Todd Szegedy Doug Coby Ted Christopher Rowan Pennink
7/18/2015 Todd Szegedy Donny Lia Bobby Santos Patrick Emerling Ron Silk
9/26/2015 Doug Coby Patrick Emerling Bobby Santos Ron Silk Justin Bonsignore
7/16/2016 Doug Coby Donny Lia Patrick Emerling Ron Silk Ryan Newman
9/24/2016 Justin Bonsignore Ron Silk Doug Coby Matt Swanson Ryan Newman
Non-Points Races          
Date First Second Third Fourth Fifth
7/11/2014 Ryan Newman Justin Bonsignore Mike Stefanik Ron Silk Bobby Santos
7/17/2015 Woody Pitkat Ryan Preece Donny Lia Justin Bonsignore Bobby Santos
7/16/2016 Bobby Santos Eric Goodale Ron Silk Ryan Preece Doug Coby            


Category Leaders  
Top Fives  
1. Mike Stefanik 24
2. Reggie Ruggiero 23
3. Ted Christopher 21
4. Tony Hirschman 18
5. Jan Leaty 16
Top 10s  
1. Mike Stefanik 33
2. Ted Christopher 29
3. Tony Hirschman 27
Reggie Ruggiero 27
5. Ed Flemke Jr. 23
Laps Led*  
1. Ted Christopher 851
2. Mike Stefanik 595
3. Reggie Ruggiero 505
4. Mike Ewanitsko 346
5. Tony Hirschman 344
Laps Completed*  
1. Jamie Tomaino 5,652
2. Ed Flemke Jr. 4,941
3. Wade Cole 4,840
4. Mike Stefanik 4,798
5. Ted Christopher 4,402
1. Jamie Tomaino 65 (all)
2. Wade Cole 58
3. Ed Flemke Jr. 57
4. Mike Stefanik 53
Ted Christopher 53

*According to records available; ^Since 1994 (advent of digital timing and scoring), does not include races completed under caution


Qualifying Record
Ben Rhodes, Chevrolet, 29.622 seconds, 128.580 mph, July 11, 2014


Race Records      
Most Top Fives: 19 - Kelly Moore Fewest Caution Laps: 7 - 8/25/91, 7/17/15
Most Top 10s: 29 - Kelly Moore Most Laps Led by a Race Winner: 123 - 8/25/91
Most Cautions: 11- two times, most recently on 9/16/06 Fewest Laps Led by a Race Winner: 1 - eight times, most recently on 7/14/06
Fewest Cautions: 2 - six times, most recently on 7/12/96, 7/17/15 Closest Margin of Victory: 0.021 Seconds - 5/11/02
Most Caution Laps: 73 - 9/16/06 Greatest Margin of Victory: 4.590 Seconds - 7/10/99


Pole Winners   Race Winners   Manufacturer Wins  
Driver Poles Driver Wins Make Wins
Kelly Moore 6 Brad Leighton 8 Chevrolet 39
Jamie Aube 3 Ted Christopher 5 Oldsmobile 6
Tom Carey Jr. 3 Kelly Moore 5 Toyota 6
Dave Dion 3 Mike McLaughlin 4 Pontiac 5
Andy Santerre 3 Joe Bessey 3 Ford 4
Martin Truex Jr. 3 Eddie MacDonald 3 Buick 1
Ted Christopher 2 Andy Santerre 3    
Brian Hoar 2 Dale Shaw 3    
Joey Kourafas 2 Ricky Craven 2    
Brett Moffitt 2 Joey Logano 2    
Kyle Benjamin 1 Mike Stefanik 2    
William Byron 1 Martin Truex Jr. 2    
Ricky Craven 1 Ryan Truex 2    
Robbie Crouch 1 Jamie Aube 1    
Cole Custer 1 William Byron 1    
Mike Gallo 1 Tom Carey 1    
Max Gresham 1 Cole Custer 1    
Mike Johnson 1 Matt DiBenedetto 1    
Ron Lamell 1 Dave Dion 1    
Brad Leighton 1 Tracy Gordon 1    
Joey Logano 1 Max Gresham 1    
Rogelio Lopez 1 Corey LaJoie      
Eddie MacDonald 1 Kyle Larson 1    
Jerry Marquis 1 Jerry Marquis 1    
Brett Moffitt 1 Brett Moffitt 1    
Mike Olsen 1 Mike Olsen 1    
Dale Quarterley 1 Steve Park 1    
Peyton Sellers 1 Dale Quarterley 1    
Mike Stefanik 1 Martin Truex Sr. 1    
Jeff Taylor 1 Jesse Little 1    
Martin Truex Sr. 1        
Ryan Truex 1        
Darrell Wallace Jr. 1        
Field set by rule book 6        


Race History          
Date First Second Third Fourth Fifth
9/2/1990 Mike McLaughlin Jamie Aube Ken Bouchard Bruce Haley Ed Ferree
4/14/1991 Joe Bessey Mike McLaughlin Jamie Aube Donny Ling Tony Hirschman
8/25/1991 Ricky Craven Donny Ling Joey Kourafas Dick McCabe Jamie Aube
5/3/1992 Mike McLaughlin Dave Rezendes Dick McCabe Jeff Barry Ricky Craven
9/20/1992 Mike McLaughlin Dick McCabe Jamie Aube Kelly Moore Steve Hoddick
4/25/1993 Jamie Aube Kelly Moore Mike McLaughlin Dave Rezendes Curtis Markham
7/10/1993 M. McLaughlin Kelly Moore Dick McCabe Ken Schrader Greg Clark
8/7/1993 Kelly Moore Robbie Crouch Mike Stefanik Mike McLaughlin Keith Lamell
4/17/1994 Kelly Moore Mike Stefanik Stub Fadden Tom Bolles Keith Lamell
7/9/1994 Martin Truex Sr. Andy Santerre Stub Fadden Dick McCabe Robbie Crouch
9/25/1994 Joe Bessey Dick McCabe Bobby Dragon Andy Santerre Mike Stefanik
4/9/1995 Mike Stefanik Stub Fadden Brian Ross Kelly Moore Jerry Marquis
7/8/1995 Ricky Craven Kelly Moore Tom Bolles Robbie Crouch Keith Lamell
9/24/1995 Joe Bessey Robbie Crouch Jeff Barry Randy LaJoie Mike Stefanik
6/2/1996 Steve Park Jerry Marquis Brad Bennett Robbie Crouch Joe Bessey
7/12/1996 Brad Leighton Dave Dion Dale Shaw Brad Bennett Ed Spencer III
9/7/1996 Dale Shaw Steve Park Tom Bolles Robbie Crouch Jerry Marquis
9/8/1996 Ted Christopher Joe Bessey Dennis Demers Robbie Crouch Mike Stefanik
5/10/1997 Dave Dion Brad Leighton Jerry Marquis Jeff Barry Mike Stefanik
5/31/1997 Dale Shaw Dave Dion Mike Stefanik Jerry Marquis Andy Santerre
7/12/1997 Jerry Marquis Ricky Craven Bobby Dragon Brad Bennett Andy Santerre
9/13/1997 Ted Christopher Kelly Moore Ricky Craven Mike Stefanik Jerry Marquis
5/9/1998 Kelly Moore Tom Carey Brad Leighton Dale Shaw Jerry Marquis
7/11/1998 Kelly Moore Dale Shaw Brad Leighton Tom Bolles Mike Olsen
8/2/1998 Dale Shaw Brad Leighton Tom Carey Mike Stefanik Tom Bolles
8/29/1998 Ted Christopher Dave Dion Bryan Wall Kelly Moore Dennis Demers
5/8/1999 Brad Leighton Tom Carey Dale Shaw Dave Dion Jamie Aube
7/10/1999 Andy Santerre Ted Christopher Dale Shaw Kelly Moore Denny Doyle
8/1/1999 Tom Carey Dale Quarterley Brad Leighton Jamie Aube Bobby Dragon
9/18/1999 Brad Leighton Ted Christopher Bryan Wall Dale Shaw Mike Olsen
5/13/2000 Brad Leighton Dale Quarterley Mike Rowe Bryan Wall Martin Truex Sr.
7/8/2000 Martin Truex Jr. Kelly Moore Andy Santerre Dale Quarterley Dale Shaw
9/16/2000 Andy Santerre Jamie Aube Mike Johnson Dave Dion Paul Wolfe
5/12/2001 Ted Christopher Martin Truex Jr. Mike Johnson Brad Leighton Paul Wolfe
7/21/2001 Brad Leighton Martin Truex Jr. Kelly Moore Matt Kobyluck Dale Quarterley
5/11/2002 Brad Leighton Andy Santerre Kelly Moore Dale Shaw Matt Kobyluck
7/20/2002 Brad Leighton Brian Hoar Matt Kobyluck Martin Truex Jr. Mike Johnson
9/19/2002 Tracy Gordon Andy Santerre Brad Leighton Kelly Moore Mike Olsen
7/19/2003 Martin Truex Jr. Andy Santerre Brad Leighton Ryan Moore Mike Johnson
9/13/2003 Brad Leighton Andy Santerre Paul Wolfe Mike Johnson Mike Stefanik
7/29/2004 Dale Quarterley Kelly Moore Jerry Marquis Andy Santerre Ryan Moore
9/20/2004 Andy Santerre Paul Wolfe Ryan Moore Dale Quarterley Mike Gallo
7/15/2005 Mike Stefanik Brian Hoar Ryan Moore Kelly Moore Andy Santerre
9/16/2005 Ted Christopher Brad Leighton Ryan Moore Brian Hoar Andy Santerre
7/14/2006 Mike Olsen Sean Caisse Jerry Marquis Tracy Gordon Brian Hoar
9/16/2006 Kelly Moore Brian Hoar Bryon Chew Andrew Myers Tracy Gordon
6/29/2007 Joey Logano Brad Leighton Tim Schendel Landon Cassill Brian Hoar
9/14/2007 Joey Logano Sean Caisse Rogelio Lopez Peyton Sellers Jamie Hayes
6/27/2008 Eddie MacDonald Trevor Bayne Matt Kobyluck Austin Dillon Ricky Carmichael
9/13/2008 Eddie MacDonald Steve Park Matt Kobyluck Matt Hirschman Austin Dillon
6/27/2009 Matt DiBenedetto Ryan Truex Kevin Swindell Ryan Gifford Jody Lavender
9/18/2009 Eddie MacDonald Brett Moffitt Ryan Truex Matt Kobyluck Jesus Hernandez
6/25/2010 Ryan Truex Kevin Swindell Ryan Gifford Brett Moffitt Ty Dillon
9/17/2010 Ryan Truex Brett Moffitt Jeff Anton Miguel Paludo Cole Whitt
7/15/2011 Max Gresham Brett Moffitt Corey LaJoie Brandon Gdovic Benny Gordon
9/23/2011 Brett Moffitt Sergio Peña Darrell Wallace Jr. Matt DiBenedetto Eddie MacDonald
9/22/2012 Kyle Larson Corey LaJoie Darrell Wallace Jr. Dylan Kwasniewski Chase Elliott
9/21/2013 Cole Custer Daniel Suárez Cale Conley Ben Rhodes Dylan Presnell
7/11/2014 Jesse Little Eddie MacDonald Cale Conley Jay Beasley Chad Finley
7/17/2015 William Byron Scott Heckert Kaz Grala Nick Drake Austin Hill
7/16/2016 Corey LaJoie Todd Gilliland Justin Haley Kyle Banjamin Austin Theriault        


NXS Combo Races        
Date First Second First - East Second - East
7/15/1990 Tommy Ellis Harry Gant Ed Ferree (12) Billy Clark (13)
10/14/1990 Rick Mast Bobby Labonte Mike McLaughlin (3) Ricky Craven (4)
7/14/1991 Kenny Wallace Chuck Bown Dick McCabe (9) Stub Fadden (10)
10/13/1991 Ricky Craven Chuck Bown Ricky Craven (1) Jamie Aube (8)
7/19/1992 Jeff Burton Robert Pressley Mike Stefanik (8) Bobby Dragon (11)
8/23/1992 Joe Nemechek Dale Earnhardt Dick McCabe (12) Kelly Moore (14)
8/22/1993 Robert Pressley Joe Nemechek Kelly Moore (12) Martin Truex (13)
5/7/1994 Derrike Cope Bobby Dotter Dale Shaw (14) Joe Bessey (15)
5/13/1995 Chad Little Elton Sawyer Tom Bolles (9) Brian Ross (16)

NASCAR K&N Pro Series East drivers received points based on finish in relation to other NKNPS East finishers; Overall place of top NKPS East finishers listed in parentheses


Track Facts
  • Is a 1.058-mile slightly-banked asphalt oval.
  • It is the largest track the K&N Pro Series East competes at.
  • New Hampshire has hosted the K&N Pro Series East every year since it's inception and has held more than any other facitlity in the series' 29-year history.

Track Facts

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
NASCAR K&N Pro Series East

SURFACE: Asphalt
LENGTH: 1.058 Miles

1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH, 03307
(603) 783-4744

1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH, 03307

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Clear sky
  • Clear sky
  • Temperature: Array
  • Wind: Calm
  • Sunrise: 9:12 GMT
  • Sunset: 0:15 GMT